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                              三和夜市:{三重國小}{台北橋} 平日三重夜市美食小吃大收錄(圖多)--三和夜市(三合夜市)‧2015-上

Sanhe Night Market

Sanhe Night Market is located on Zhongyang N. Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City. The name of the 800 m long night market was derived from the fact that it is situated near the area bordered by Sec. 2, Sanhe Rd., Wenhua N. Rd. and Changshou St. The Sanchong Central Public Retail Market – the main public market in Sanchong City - is situated inside the night market. In addition to night market vendors, there are also numerous boutique retailers in the night market. Traditional central market by day and Sanhe Night Market by night, the area is always bustling with activities.


Dihua Street Business District

“Dihua Street” is the collection place of wholesalers for groceries and dried foods, Chinese herbs, and cloth. It is also the largest retail market for the business. “Dihua Street” is the first downtown street in Dadaocheng. It has been the core of “Dadaocheng Business District” since the end of Qing Dynasty. It remains the ancient landscape and vivid business. It is a complete old street with historical meanings among existing old streets in Taipei. 



Dadaocheng Wharf

  Dadaocheng was the residence for Pingpu people in the past. Tongan people fought against each other at Wanhua (Monga) and some tribes moved to Dadaocheng and began the construction of stores and houses along Tamsui River at Dadaocheng. After Tamsui Harbor was open, Dadaocheng (under the reign of Liu Ming-chuan) became the most prosperous trade distributing center in Taipei City. The main business was trading tea and cloth. The district along Yanping North Road and Guide Street was the business center then. The business gave Dadaocheng a period of colorful and unforgettable history.


Xianse Temple

Xianse Temple is commonly known as Wuguwang Temple, it is a municipal historic monument in Erchongpu in Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City. The original Xianse Temple was constructed in 1755 (year 20 of Qianlong Emperor’s reign in the Qing Dynasty) near Touqian Village, Xinzhuang, due to repeated flooding of Tamsui River, it was relocated to Sankandian (riverside near the border of Xinzhuang and Sanchong, behind the modern day Ginling Girls’ High School. Subsequently, it was relocated again to Wuguwang N. St., Erchongpu in Sanchong Dist., making it the oldest temple in Sanchong District. The geographic name “Wuguwang” was also derived from the temple.